Finding a coffee business for your property

Use United Baristas Business to go direct to coffee industry operators

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Targeted results

Use United Baristas Business when you’re specifically looking for a coffee business for your property

A coffee operator can help support your objectives by attracting footfall, increasing dwell time, and provide local amenities.

Find the ideal coffee operator by reaching the coffee community with United Baristas Business. Our network gets your vacancy in front of actively hunting operators.

Simple pricing

Listing on United Baristas Business is easy. Just choose the listing option that’s right for your situation. And there’s no additional referral fees, commissions or surcharges.

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Marketing solutions

Get integrated marketing solutions when listing, or bolt on an upgrade at a latter date if you require additional marketing support to sell.

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Here to help

We’ve built United Baristas Business to be as easy-to-use as possible, but if you need support, tips and tricks to getting the most out of your listing, or guidance, turn to either our Help Centre or our Support Team.

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Full service

United Baristas also offers a listing service. Send us your business information, images and contact information, and using our knowledge of the coffee industry we can create a bespoke listing that’ll best meet the aspirations of buyers.

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